The peTra TR78 transmitter is the first member of the the Peviktera Tracker System family. 

The device is designed for on board use.

The device is capable to recieve GPS Position and transmit the GPS data concentricly on open 868 Mhz frequency.

We recommend peTra TR78 for glider owners and pilots, for flight schools and flight clubs, who wants to operate the transmitter from an on board powersupply, and track the aircraft on online tracker sites.

Technical details:

Power supply voltage:             5 V, (via standard B type USB connector). 

Transmitter output:                  25 mW.

Frequency:                              868 MHz.

The tracker can be used without any radio licence.

The efficient range depends ont he ground reciever coverage, Currently the efficient range is 40-80 kms from the receivers.

Due to the low output and operating frequency, (theoretical) optical line of sight is required between the transmitter and the ground reciever! Any ground object (eg.: mountain, buildings, forests) can interfere and prevent transmitted signal.

Price (inc. TAX)  99 EUR

Warranty: 24 months

If You interested,  please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request a quotation.